Simple bold everyday makeup (no foundation used )

hey guyss, so today am bringing a very simple makeup look just for daily purpose. this is what i literally do if i want to go bold in my lips. dont forget to watch it and keep in touch with my channel there. like and subscribe girls bcox its free! and you can leave ur comments there so that i can upgrade myself too. tc lovelies!

DIY Jacket KurtiΒ 

Hey lovelies!  I Hope all of you are doing great so far!  Haha I really missed writing my blogs these days but dont worry girls, I have came up with an exciting and easy ideas to share with you girls today! 

Today’s blog title will be the jacket kurti or know as a traditional ethic wear jacket. This is one of my personal style and girls you can apply this idea on all your indian salwar  or Punjabi suit outfits  especially to wear on our Indian’s New year which is coming up tomorrow! Yeayyy! πŸ˜€

We always wear our dupatta (indian shawl)  in a normal way. I guess you girls knew what kind of styles we used to wear them in daily basis with our Punjabi Suits. 

So today, I will be sharing with you on how to convert your old dupattas to a fashionable jacket! Sounds interesting right? πŸ˜‚Don’t you think it can add more stylish look? Of course yes, girls! πŸ™‚πŸ˜

Now come lets jump to the directions on how to make one!

 But before that the things that you will need for this tutorial will be your old dupattas and a few safety pins. Thats it! 

First step:

Take both ends of the dupatta and pin them together using the safety pins as per show in the video.

Second step: 

Measure the sides of the neck to get the measurements and pin on that specific parts on both sides.

Try to wear the jacket and see. There will dupatta dangling around your armhole, you can just leave it as like that or if you girls don’t prefer the look, you can just take both sides and extend backwards and pin them together for a neat look as show in the video. 

So girls if u decided to make the permanent jacket from the shawl,  you can simply stitch the areas where you previously locate the safety pins with snap buttons. This way will be the easy for us to wear and also can prevent the threading out of the dupatta as well. 

Here is the final look, girls! πŸ™‚

Hope you girls enjoyed this mini tutorial and make sure to give it a try as it is really simple and easy to do. You can use this idea to attend for all the indian occassions like a wedding reception or for a temple prayers or even for normal college day look. Believe me girls, if definitely add some uniqueness and glam to your everyday’s indian outfit! 

Let me know by my instagram if you have tried it and you can message me there for any questions regarding this! 

Instagram : monishaha96

Goodnight dearies and once again Happy Tamil New year to all the indian’s out there! Take care. 

With much love,

Monisha, ClassyStyler πŸ’™

Fashion on budget

A women is said to be a complete flower when she has achieved a positive self image and self respect.  She starts to blossom by respecting herself and  there goes a beautiful image of her. Dressing appropriately shows how well she is respecting and loving herself with the good manners. Dress for your own self and not to seek an attraction or for entertainment purpose. Being in a proper and a pleasant way helps us to face present and future challenges. My random thoughts of the day, girls! Hope all of you will gain some benefits and also understand the aim and purpose of my personal blog. πŸ™‚

First and foremost, a warm welcome to everyone out there and to all my beautiful ladies too! Today’s blog topic will be focusing on how to style on budget. All of us love shopping and it’s kinda weirdo to those who hate it! But we often face some kind of financial problems which make us to just go for a window shopping only! Haha πŸ˜‚

So don’t worry girls about the shopping cost if you keep in track with good budget plan.πŸ˜‰

The first step:

Skipping method 

This method will be my first option in the plan to go for a budget shopping. So what and how this technique works? Well let me tell you girls! As an example you are going to shopping on the month of January and we  actually going to skip the month ahead (February) and on the following month which is on March we going to do the shopping back. It’s like we are skipping one or can be more than two months up-to you girls preference and resume he shopping session. 

By this method, we can actually plan which month we have the exact financial problems and also the the perfect time to go for busy cosy shopping too and grab as how much as staff we can! 

Trust me girls, this technique quite works for me and I followed it pretty for quite some time back. By this way you can really plan well and also it’s a way to use money when you are having it in your preferable date.

The second step:

Do a list

 List up all the clothes collection that you girls have in your wardrobe. Either you are listing it in a piece of paper or in your memo pad. After done with the listing, analyse them. How you do that? Well, analyse them by checking each and every component of the clothes.

 Example : calculating  the number of pants and trousers,skirts,tops,dresses and many more. By doing this, girls you can actually know what are the things that you are missing or lacking in your wardrobe or what are the stuffs that need to be upgraded. So only shop for that particular neccesary items to prevent the wastage of buying unwanted stuffs. Am I right girls? πŸ™‚

Third step:

Creative ideas. 

Girls you don’t have to always shop to find for a beautiful piece but you can actually recreate a perfect look from the available clothes in your wardrobe! How amazing is that! But we need to be a lol creative for this method. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

I always do follow this method and girls you can create multiple looks in using your own preloved clothes. As an example, if you have a tube dress or a strapless dress,  convert them to a an amazing long Maxi skirt and paired it with any top. I have done this trick once before and it works well! 

 Another one, unused or old jeans can be replaced by sewing them to three quarter jeans. Haha I have done this too girls and wearing it till now. ☺ 

Besides that, the Indian traditional patiala pants can be wore as a casual pants for an everyday look girls even the churiddhar pants( Indian traditional outfit) are normally nicely colored pants, you can just change then to a fancy everyday pants too! 

So there are actually variety of ideas that we can come up girls even without shopping like a crazy ones! So from now on be creative and save the money!  Haha πŸ™‚β˜Ί

Outfit details : wearing a long sleeved black top with a long maroon mermaid skirt. Accessories on. Mid  heels in nude color from the brand vincci. My total budget for this look is just below rm 100.(myr currency).

Budget list

 For the black top, I bought it for rm35.50 from the brand dees. Since I had the voucher so luckily got a discounted price from this brand. the original price was rm55.50.

I bought the mermaid skirt for just rm20! Haha can’t believe it guys? πŸ˜‚. It’s from the brands outlet shop! They usually sell clothes in the range below rm50. So I just grab as it was too cheap and even the quality was excellent! 

Now the accesories. Bought them at just rm15. It was a small accessories store in the Times Square mall and I went there during the CNY season. Girls, I will recommend all of you to visit that shop since it is so cheap and even the design are so elegant. Really love it guys! And it really complement well with this outfit! 

For the heels, I bought it from the brand vincci. Actually I bought them online and I got it  just for rm30! Haha how cheap is that! Well it was a discounted price girls and especially during the festival season there are many sales out there whether in shops around and also online. So always grab the opportunity to buy in smarter way at the right time, Girls! πŸ˜‰

That’s the end of blog story for today. Hope you girls have learnt how to style and dress up in budget and also the ways to save up the money by planning according to our personal convenience.
So dont worry girls!  It’s all up to you on which method will be suitable for your lifestyle and I’m pretty sure all the methods I have mentioned here are applicable and easy to carry out! 

Have a lovely day, ladies! and what are you waiting for?  Faster save up the money as how much  you can and shop in the smarter way! Haha take care beauties! 😘


ClassyStyler πŸ’œ