DIY Jacket KurtiΒ 

Hey lovelies!  I Hope all of you are doing great so far!  Haha I really missed writing my blogs these days but dont worry girls, I have came up with an exciting and easy ideas to share with you girls today! 

Today’s blog title will be the jacket kurti or know as a traditional ethic wear jacket. This is one of my personal style and girls you can apply this idea on all your indian salwar  or Punjabi suit outfits  especially to wear on our Indian’s New year which is coming up tomorrow! Yeayyy! πŸ˜€

We always wear our dupatta (indian shawl)  in a normal way. I guess you girls knew what kind of styles we used to wear them in daily basis with our Punjabi Suits. 

So today, I will be sharing with you on how to convert your old dupattas to a fashionable jacket! Sounds interesting right? πŸ˜‚Don’t you think it can add more stylish look? Of course yes, girls! πŸ™‚πŸ˜

Now come lets jump to the directions on how to make one!

 But before that the things that you will need for this tutorial will be your old dupattas and a few safety pins. Thats it! 

First step:

Take both ends of the dupatta and pin them together using the safety pins as per show in the video.

Second step: 

Measure the sides of the neck to get the measurements and pin on that specific parts on both sides.

Try to wear the jacket and see. There will dupatta dangling around your armhole, you can just leave it as like that or if you girls don’t prefer the look, you can just take both sides and extend backwards and pin them together for a neat look as show in the video. 

So girls if u decided to make the permanent jacket from the shawl,  you can simply stitch the areas where you previously locate the safety pins with snap buttons. This way will be the easy for us to wear and also can prevent the threading out of the dupatta as well. 

Here is the final look, girls! πŸ™‚

Hope you girls enjoyed this mini tutorial and make sure to give it a try as it is really simple and easy to do. You can use this idea to attend for all the indian occassions like a wedding reception or for a temple prayers or even for normal college day look. Believe me girls, if definitely add some uniqueness and glam to your everyday’s indian outfit! 

Let me know by my instagram if you have tried it and you can message me there for any questions regarding this! 

Instagram : monishaha96

Goodnight dearies and once again Happy Tamil New year to all the indian’s out there! Take care. 

With much love,

Monisha, ClassyStyler πŸ’™

Fashion on budget

A women is said to be a complete flower when she has achieved a positive self image and self respect.  She starts to blossom by respecting herself and  there goes a beautiful image of her. Dressing appropriately shows how well she is respecting and loving herself with the good manners. Dress for your own self and not to seek an attraction or for entertainment purpose. Being in a proper and a pleasant way helps us to face present and future challenges. My random thoughts of the day, girls! Hope all of you will gain some benefits and also understand the aim and purpose of my personal blog. πŸ™‚

First and foremost, a warm welcome to everyone out there and to all my beautiful ladies too! Today’s blog topic will be focusing on how to style on budget. All of us love shopping and it’s kinda weirdo to those who hate it! But we often face some kind of financial problems which make us to just go for a window shopping only! Haha πŸ˜‚

So don’t worry girls about the shopping cost if you keep in track with good budget plan.πŸ˜‰

The first step:

Skipping method 

This method will be my first option in the plan to go for a budget shopping. So what and how this technique works? Well let me tell you girls! As an example you are going to shopping on the month of January and we  actually going to skip the month ahead (February) and on the following month which is on March we going to do the shopping back. It’s like we are skipping one or can be more than two months up-to you girls preference and resume he shopping session. 

By this method, we can actually plan which month we have the exact financial problems and also the the perfect time to go for busy cosy shopping too and grab as how much as staff we can! 

Trust me girls, this technique quite works for me and I followed it pretty for quite some time back. By this way you can really plan well and also it’s a way to use money when you are having it in your preferable date.

The second step:

Do a list

 List up all the clothes collection that you girls have in your wardrobe. Either you are listing it in a piece of paper or in your memo pad. After done with the listing, analyse them. How you do that? Well, analyse them by checking each and every component of the clothes.

 Example : calculating  the number of pants and trousers,skirts,tops,dresses and many more. By doing this, girls you can actually know what are the things that you are missing or lacking in your wardrobe or what are the stuffs that need to be upgraded. So only shop for that particular neccesary items to prevent the wastage of buying unwanted stuffs. Am I right girls? πŸ™‚

Third step:

Creative ideas. 

Girls you don’t have to always shop to find for a beautiful piece but you can actually recreate a perfect look from the available clothes in your wardrobe! How amazing is that! But we need to be a lol creative for this method. πŸ™‚πŸ™‚

I always do follow this method and girls you can create multiple looks in using your own preloved clothes. As an example, if you have a tube dress or a strapless dress,  convert them to a an amazing long Maxi skirt and paired it with any top. I have done this trick once before and it works well! 

 Another one, unused or old jeans can be replaced by sewing them to three quarter jeans. Haha I have done this too girls and wearing it till now. ☺ 

Besides that, the Indian traditional patiala pants can be wore as a casual pants for an everyday look girls even the churiddhar pants( Indian traditional outfit) are normally nicely colored pants, you can just change then to a fancy everyday pants too! 

So there are actually variety of ideas that we can come up girls even without shopping like a crazy ones! So from now on be creative and save the money!  Haha πŸ™‚β˜Ί

Outfit details : wearing a long sleeved black top with a long maroon mermaid skirt. Accessories on. Mid  heels in nude color from the brand vincci. My total budget for this look is just below rm 100.(myr currency).

Budget list

 For the black top, I bought it for rm35.50 from the brand dees. Since I had the voucher so luckily got a discounted price from this brand. the original price was rm55.50.

I bought the mermaid skirt for just rm20! Haha can’t believe it guys? πŸ˜‚. It’s from the brands outlet shop! They usually sell clothes in the range below rm50. So I just grab as it was too cheap and even the quality was excellent! 

Now the accesories. Bought them at just rm15. It was a small accessories store in the Times Square mall and I went there during the CNY season. Girls, I will recommend all of you to visit that shop since it is so cheap and even the design are so elegant. Really love it guys! And it really complement well with this outfit! 

For the heels, I bought it from the brand vincci. Actually I bought them online and I got it  just for rm30! Haha how cheap is that! Well it was a discounted price girls and especially during the festival season there are many sales out there whether in shops around and also online. So always grab the opportunity to buy in smarter way at the right time, Girls! πŸ˜‰

That’s the end of blog story for today. Hope you girls have learnt how to style and dress up in budget and also the ways to save up the money by planning according to our personal convenience.
So dont worry girls!  It’s all up to you on which method will be suitable for your lifestyle and I’m pretty sure all the methods I have mentioned here are applicable and easy to carry out! 

Have a lovely day, ladies! and what are you waiting for?  Faster save up the money as how much  you can and shop in the smarter way! Haha take care beauties! 😘


ClassyStyler πŸ’œ

Diy pom pom jeans

Hey beauties! A very big welcome to my blog and sorry for the very late post. Has been busy for sometime. Hope you girls will excuse me for that!  HahaπŸ˜€

Alright today i wanted to share with you girls one of my everyday diy that i use to do with my old jeans or the jeans that i rarely worn. There are many ways to customize your old jeans but this lace pom pom one of my favourite list to go! 

I’m quite sure there are a plenty of jeans that are  laying around your wardrobe. One of the important reason of why we rarely use it because it may be an old fashioned jeans or an unattractive color which we dont feel like wearing it.

So instead of throwing it away or keeping for years in wardrobe, why don’t we recycle them or make them to something interesting ? Sounds more fun too! πŸ˜‰

Let’s get to the diy details!

All you need: 

1) an old jeansπŸ‘–

2) scissors βœ‚

3) fabric glue or a hot glue gun

4)pom pom lace ( 1 metre is sufficient) 

The first step : Mark and cut the desired length of the end of the jeans where you want your pom pom lace to be seen. Don’t throw out the cut small section of jeans, i will show you how to reuse them in next post!  So take note of it! You can view this step on the video link below. πŸ˜‰

Second step : Attach the lace pom pom on both ends of the jeans by using a fabric glue or in my case i have used a hot glue gun. I will prefer you girls to use a fabric glue since its more portable and very easy to use too. View this step on the video link below. πŸ˜€

Finally the pom pom jeans! 

I have styled them with a pair of mid nude heels from the brand vincii. Following will be the pictures of the outfit with my newly customize jeans. Have a look, girls! ☺

Outfit details : wearing a strawberry dark pink blouse with pleated details all over it. It goes well with this pom pom jeans because the color of the lace pom pom complements perfectly with the blouse color.
And I bought this lace pom pom from craft supplies shop. You girls can check them out here in this linkπŸ™‚ Most amazing part is that they do shipping worldwide and it sounds much easier for citizens from other countries who wants to purchase too. The items are also affordable and this lace pom pom will be one of the list too! So  girls what you are waiting for?  Grab the opportunity and visit their shop online! πŸ˜ƒ

 Perfect for casual  or a vacation look. Girls, you can also add some colorful pearls on top of your jeans and make your own unique design. How cool is that?πŸ™‚ 

Hope you girls enjoyed this way of diy the jeans. You dont have to search for really expensive jeans with a beautiful work on it but you can just recreate them in mini seconds at your home! 

Do let me know by my instagram or here in my blog by leaving  comments or opinions  on how you feel about this idea and i will be really glad if you girls try it out! If you do, please dont forget to share the pictures with me! 

Instagram : monishasha96

Stay confident and be creative in your own way! Take care, girls! 😘

ClassyStyler πŸ’™

Valentine lookbook | Ootd

Hello, ladies! Welcoming all of you to my blog again, ClassyStyler! As Valentine’s Day is just around the corner,  we should start planning for a perfect outfit to rock the day with full of love and romance. Whether you are taken or still walking solo, it doesn’t matter! This special lovely day applies to all kind of relationship that is based only on the concept of unconditional love. 

So today I will be showing you people my Valentine outfit ideas which is perfect for a date night with your loved ones, family or friends. All the pretty ladies out there can definitely rock with this style! So are you all ready? Haha come let’s move on! πŸ™‚

My concept for this lookbook will be based on 2 in 1 style which means 2 styles in just one great outfit! How cool is that? Check out more below! πŸ˜‰

Style #1 : Red chilli dress ( normal look) 

Here in these pictures I am wearing a red chilli dress which is so called a bold colored dress! The dress is a bodycon type and has a zig zag details on it. Sleeveless and knee length type. This outfit is suitable for a dinner date night as it is so comfortable and easy to wear! I will prefer to go for bodycon dresses as it gives the fitted body shape and it looks so trendy. Moreover, the color has its own attractive style because it is such a bright color which is my most favorite one. Normally ladies out there like to go with the soft romantic pink dress but as for me I would like it to be bold and at the same time it gives the glam look which will be perfect especially for night dinner date!  πŸ™‚ am I right girls? 😁

For accessories, wearing a copper colored earrings. It is quite large in size and prominent enough and goes pretty well with this dress. 

Style#2: red chilli dress with a blazer

So for this style, girls you just need a classy blazer and you’re ready to rock throughout the day. I have paired it with a black blazer and it’s from the brand called “dees”. This blazer has a very good quality and I always paired it with any dresses. Girls, it’s a must to have blazer in your collection in order to achieve the classy and elegant look. πŸ˜‰

How can I overlooked  about the heels? Life is short but not your heels! Haha that’s the highlight for this day. Am I right girls? πŸ˜‚. Here I am wearing a black heels with the height of approximately about 5.5cm. I’m not sure of the brand girls but I bought this in one of the shopping malls at the town. Girls, heels are easily available in malls and you can just grab it in between rm70 to rm80. (myr currency). Black heels is a must to add in your collection since girls you will need those for your special occasion and it gives you an extra glam to your outfit too. 

Outfit tips: always choose a dress or blouse paired with a skirt especially on this lovely day. Do not wear jeans or any kind of pants.This is because this day is something special and girls we need to show our feminine style on the outfit. So bear in mind only dresses or something which is girly! πŸ˜‚

Dresses also comes in various colors and patterns. So go for something romantic like chilli red or sweet pink. I always opted to go for red color since it is bold and classy to wear with. So depend on you girls on which color you want it to be. Another thing go for knee length dresses or slightly above the knee. Don’t make yourself uncomfortable with short mini dress or skirts. This is because if let’s say you are going for party dance then you should feel flexible to make a movement and at  same time we can enjoy the dance too. So outfit really plays a major role based on the type of activities we are choosing. 

Next part will be the heels. You should go for high heels or at least a thick ones. It’s a must to wear it on this beautiful  dayπŸ’—. I know girls it’s pretty hard to walk with it but once you practice walking with it then should be fine. The purpose I picked up heels here is that it gives that graceful  and modish type of look totally in just one simple dress! It’s an necessary to have black colored ones since black suits well to all types of outfit. So remember to wear ’em and glam it all way! πŸ˜€

Besides that, I have paired my outfit with a big and chunky earrings as you girls can see in the pictures.  I choose only to go for this solid colored earrings since it looks outstanding  and you don’t even need a necklace or any other accesories on your neck region.!

 Remember girls the balancing method! If you wear a super stylish  earrings then it’s more than enough for the whole look.  If no you can wear an elegant necklace with minimal work on earrings. So that how you balance the look to avoid that super duper colorful look! 

Last but not least, lipstick and a hint of simple makeup is a necessary option for Valentine’s. Don’t ignore makeup girls!  Makeup is like an accessories for your face. It will just give the approachable and presentable look. Of course you don’t want that dull face when you meet your date! So go for it no matter what happens! 

Make sure to rock the outfits with the red lipstick to give it the elegant and the glamorous look. Girls you will find there are actually many shades of red available in beauty stores such as orange-red, maroon-red or there is hint of blue in red shades. So choose wisely to make sure if it suits you and your skintone. Here I’m wearing the orangy-red shade from the brand ‘lakme’. This lip color is my favourite to go because I love matte lipstick! Especially if you girls going for date, wear a matte lipstick because this kind of texture has actually the long lasting property. So all you need to just apply a few coats of lipstick and it stays for quite some time. By this we don’t have to reapply them especially during a dinner date.! Haha that sounds embarrassing right? πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ *when you’re applying lipstick right front your date😦

So all set to go? Ahh wait I have one more final tips here! Haha πŸ˜‚ Don’t forget to grab a beautiful Valentine’s card made by you or girls you can just buy it in DIY shops out there! A simple romantic card filled with love can simply make your loved ones to feel happy and most importantly they will feel appreciated! 

Beauty is not just in the outfit but also in the attitude and manners . By giving them some gifts or a memorable experience will make your loved ones so much better! So girls don’t forget these tips and I hope all of you will have a wonderful  Valentine’s Day and be ready to rock with your outfits! πŸ˜‰ 

Any enquiries please do ask me girls through my instagram or my blog here. Take care beauties! πŸ’“


9 easy steps on how to dress up for party

“Style and fashion is one’s personal and is a form of body language and their attitude”-Classystyler 😎

Hello there to all my gorgeous ladies out there! I’m glad that all of you  are reading my blog nowadays and hope it benefits you people. Now let’s come to today’s issue! πŸ˜€

Well, who doesn’t love parties ? Haha I’m  very sure each and every of us get super excited when comes to parties because it is all about the story of enjoyment and dance πŸ˜‰

Today the spotlight issue in my blog will be based on these key words or mneumonic. “look try but stand patiently hence adore style me & we “. I created this keywords so that it’s easy for you girls to follow the steps on how to dress up for party. 

So my dear girls, are you all ready  for these 9 easy steps to get dolled up for a party? I’m sure it’s a definitely a Yay!  Come let’s begin! 😁

1) See for location and time

Look and try stands for “location”and “time.”  The first step that should be taken into consideration before dressing up for party is to check and see for the location and time of the party. The place where the occasion going to take place example if it’s going to be held in a home, bar restaurant or beach. So according to the place, we have to plan carefully the outfits.If it’s a beach party, simple slay it with long Maxi dress and flat sandals. 

So the location  plays an important part on how we dress up. Or else if the party is going to be held in a bar then choose a outfit which is flexible yet comfortable for you people to dance and have some enjoyment there. Besides that, we also have to check the time in which the party is going to take place.  Either it’s morning or night, make sure to go with the appropriate outfits. Like if it’s on sunny day, then go for sleeveless blouse and a skirt . Or the other way round when it’s on night time,simple rock with heels,lace dresses and a stylish shawl. 

2) Style on budget

But stands for budget.  This is a very important factor for me in choosing for a party outfit. Because as you girls know that not every of us can afford for an expensive dress or shopping with a high cost. It has its limitations too. Agree people? So yeah normally my budget for dresses will go between rm70 to rm80(Myr currency) or  most cheapest by rm50.

Remember we need to shop by budget at same time grabbing stuffs with a good quality and comfy material. I always prefer you girls to go for brands like dees,nichii,h&m or forever 21. All these brands are not that costly but you can grab them with great discounts like 3 for rm50. So always get updated with the sales that will be ongoing in all the shopping malls so that’s the great way to shop by budget  yet you feel satisfactory with what you bought. I guess by now there must be CNY(Chinese New Year)  sales out there so don’t miss out the opportunity, girls! 

3) Recognize what’s your style

The third step is to know or recognize which style u like, love and eagerly wants to. There are variety of style that one can think of. Example, street style or trendy, classy or vibrant styles. There are many choices you girls can made but just make sure it’s appropriate to the party that you are attending. In my personal preference I like the classy and elegant style. It’s a perfect combination of glamour and also the self decent can be portrayed through this style too. So choose which you like but remember with a correct and appropriate outfit which is suitable for you girls! ☺

4)Peplum dress

Patiently stands for peplum. As you girls knew how much I do love peplum dress. Peplum is a must have stuff in your  wardrobe. I would say peplum can be the best choice for party occasion. It simply reflects professionalism and it looks so classy. You girls can read my other blog posts where I further talked about this peplum design. Don’t forget to check it out! ☺

5) Hair-do

Hence stands for hairstyle. Hairstyle play a major role in highlighting our outfit. Who likes the messy or untidy hair?? Haha so make sure girls make a simple hairstyle according to the outfit you are wearing. For parties, normally straight sleek ponytail or make some twisted bun curls. It’s depend on what outfit you are wearing. Some people don’t prefer to leave loose your hair, some like the loose one. For me, I always like the loose style either to straight or curl my hair in the way I like it to be. To add some fun, girls you can go for hair accessories as well. Like a small fancy hairclip or a hairband. I usually choose clips for hair when I wear any vintage dress. I think that’s the suitable outfit to wear with. 

6) Accessories

Adore=accessories. When choosing the specific outfit, we need to decide how much the amount of sparkle we want to it. So that’s where acccesories comes in. It adds a tiny bit of sparkle and make the outfit to look vibrant and brighter. But again we need to take note of what outfit we are wearing. If plain color with no any patterns then go boldly with accessories either a statement necklace or fancy bracelets or a handcuffs.

7) Sandals

Style for sandals. Sandals is a must for a party look. Girls you can go for wedges or a low heels if you are not  comfortable with the high heeled ones. I prefer to go for low heels with a color that is suit for the outfit. If the outfit is something which is a brighter color and has prints on it then  go for a nude ones. That’s how we need to balance up the look as well. Wear a comfortable and easy wearing sandals with a good surface area so that it doesn’t feel slippery and always good to walk with. 


Me for Makeup is a must and must for a party! A hint of make up on face gives that fresh look and helps reduce the appearance of acne marks on the face. Who wants to have that dull looking face when attending a party? Haha no one wants that right. So if you girls don’t like a makeup also but you have to just like it because it is vital for completing the whole look with the outfit. So say yes to makeup! ☺

9) A classy watch

We stands for watch. Haha for my personal choice I always complete my whole look with a watch. I never forget it at anytime of my life. It’s one of the essential stuff because wearing a watch can give you the elegant look and same time it has its own classy and trendy  style in it. Girls, remember this in every occasion not only for parties, make sure to wear a watch as it keeps you in time and maintain the punctuality too. 

Outfit details : wearing a violet peplum dress from the brand called “divalicious”. One of my favourite color and the material of this dress is so comfortable and gives that cooling effect too.Wearing a nude sandals,a thick heel type to balance up this look. 

For accessories part, wearing the violet colored oval shaped earring as you can see clearly in above pictures and also wearing the bracelet with multiple designs and patterns . I use to wear this set of bracelet for my everyday look too. It adds some sparkle and gives that touch of beauty to the outfit as well. Seriously love it girls!  πŸ’“

For my makeup, as you girls can observe in the pictures, did a minimal makeup with using foundation, compact powder,eyeliner and a simple lip balm. I normally don’t go heavy for make up. My purpose is just to cover the acne marks or any pores and make it as how much natural as I can too. A swipe of mascara at least for two coats to lengthen the eye lashes is a must for me and  it’s an everyday makeup step too! Don’t worry girls soon I will come up with another blog story featuring only on makeup! Stay tuned! πŸ˜‰

For my hairstyle, as you all can see girls I have done a romantic curls. It’s not that curly or straight just like a small curls and I let loose of my hair because I like it that way! Take note girls, I never use a curling iron tool to style my hair. But it’s completely heatless curls! Tutorial coming soon in my blog how to achieve curls without heat at all! Don’t miss out girls! πŸ˜‰

To conclude my blog post for today, basically I have shared here all the 9 steps to get dressed up for party event. I hope you girls enjoyed it and learnt something new. I really want you girls to leave me any comments and feedbacks about how you think of this outfit. So don’t be afraid to attend parties if you have a perfect outfit to wear with! Haha..πŸ™‚ Bear in mind that to believe yourself and you will be unstoppable in fashion world! ☺
Signing off from ClassyStyler.πŸ’œ

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Colorblock shift dress

A very big welcome to my fashion blog, ClassyStyler! Well it’s the beginning of 2017, I wanted to add some pop of colors to my outfit for some exciting and fun moments! So today my post definitely will be featuring out the colourful or known as color block trend. That’s my topic for today”Colorblock shift dress”.☺

What is meant by the above title?  Well,  here is my another story of it. πŸ˜‚ Colorblock shift dress basically it is separated into two parts or sections to which I will be talking about. 

So the first part will be the Colorblock. Colorblock basically is the combination of different types of colors on one outfit. It is an exploration by choosing  the opposite colors from the color wheels and pairing up altogether in just one outfit! . Haha opposites do attract to each other! How great is that! πŸ˜€ 

 That’s the trend for today too! πŸ˜€πŸ˜ŠMaximumly,about three colors whether they are bright or deeper tones  can be occupied in one outfit and gives that vivid look , unique and outstanding appearance. In my opinion, deeper colors of combination  gives the ultimate and the elegant style that all of us want to πŸ˜‰

Whereas the second part that I will be talking here is the shift dress! I’m quite sure that you girls have heard of this term! ☺ Shift dress is so trendy and an admirable outfit ideas to look at. This is because shift dress basically can suit for all the girls and women of all ages. It’s basically like the loose type of dress with sleeveless and most importantly so comfortable to wear with! Will prefer to the girls who likes to wear a set free dresses which means dresses which are not so tight neither not so loose. Suitable for petite size or even bigger size of girls out there! So girls take note of it! πŸ˜‰

Sometimes I will be excited to go for a Colorblock dresses because it simply makes me to enjoy  playing around with variety of colors from different backgrounds of it and you girls will really have so much of fun and it feels  good to have  those patterns on you. So girls are you all interested of it? Haha.. Come let’s go further to it! 

Outfits details : wearing a Colorblock shift dress with complementary  combination of three colors! All the three colors are louder and vibrant ones which is magenta pink, black and a dark blue. I really love the mixed colours on this outfit and that’s what makes me to purchase it too because I don’t have such collections in my wardrobe. The dress is from the brand called “ebony” and it definitely worth the hype! πŸ™‚πŸ™‚ And moreover, this is amongst the best outfit which I would like to wear for everyday purpose! 

Another thing  about these outfit is that normally colourblock dresses are the  rare outfits that people choose to wear in their daily life.But it serves its own benefits by accentuating  and sharply gives the body shape by making the person to look taller and slimmer. So that’s the main reason why every girls with different body sizes can succesfully  grab out that  gorgeous look on this outfit!πŸ˜€haha..thanks to the designer of the Colorblock fashion!  πŸ˜€

It is sleeveless and a loose type of knee length dress and believe me girls it’s actually sounds dame pleasant for me.  Haha!  yes it is so comfortable and easy going type of outfit! Not so tight , not so loose just in the correct level of fitness which is so amazing,girls!😊😁

And for the sandals I have paired it with a silver flat shoes just to keep it simple and gives it like a daily look!  β˜Ί

Outfit tips for today: Not only dresses,colorblocks comes in tops and shirts too. You girls can simply purchase it in local shopping malls. But remember if you girls are wearing the Colorblocks in tops always match it with plain colour like white or black colored  pants or shorts. The reason here is we need to show out there patterns more on our outfit! At the same time girls, it’s a big no no for ACCESSORIES! Colorblock doesn’t go along with any kind of fancy acccesories but it just look so much worse and doesn’t establish the beauty of the color patterns on those outfits. So just wear a simple and small mini earrings that is complementary with the colors and rock it out, people! πŸ˜‰

The picture above showing the earrings that I have paired up with the outfit! It is in cube like shaped with red and green colored and a white pearl embedded  in between. Small and it is wearable for longer period and definitely suits for the dress. One of my favourite too! ☺

So girls are you all ready to enjoy and have fun with some colors? Do try out these outfit and it is perfect for any type of outing either for formal or causal ones. The best part about it in every angle of this outfit it gives such a best shot of different colours joined in just one beautiful dress! ☺☺

Definitely it’s going to be a pull off trend for 2017 and hope you girls don’t miss the chance to grab it! Please do try this outfit  and it surely gives you the versatile style that you girls are admiring for. Do comment here or my instagram of your feedbacks or any enquiries you all have regarding of these outfit! And let me know too how you girls actually feel about this ootd as well! 

Take care girls and make sure to not miss any of posts and remember that self courage and confidence is the best outfit a women can wear! Stay colorful and stay fashionable! Slay it girlsπŸ˜‰πŸ˜‰πŸ˜ŠπŸ’

Lace tops are in trend for 2017

Hello to my pretty girls out there!  Again welcoming all of you to my blog to have a good read and a home take message on  some fashion tips! So sit back and enjoy it, dearies!πŸ˜€πŸ’“ I hope so all of you girls will get the message that I’m conveying right here in my site😊.

 So today Classystyler presenting to u guys as you all might have seen the topic for today, “wearing ‘lace’ for 2017 a yes or no? . So yeah let’s come to the point for today. Girls, what you might think of lace in terms of fashion or style? Any ideas? 

Definitely a big yes to lace this year! πŸ˜€Lace has been so trendy in our fashion world and now many of them are rocking with the “lace style”. Nowadays as you girls might have been observed there are lace details or prints on the top or the neck area of the blouse. It’s basically a semi transparent part of a blouse which looks so fashionable and hot! And most importantly it is so popular nowadays to wear with and can be paired up easily! 

My outfit details : wearing a maroon coloured long sleeved blouse with lace flowery patterned details on the neck area and the sleeve part. I bought this beautiful top from the brand called D’Mora. Super elegant color and I really love this top like crazy because I’m a big fan of lace style as well as you girls.  I guess so?? Haha… Trust me girls, lace blouses gives the look of elegance,stylish and it gives that sultry lookπŸ˜‰ Is that amazing,  peeps? 

Actually most of the girls out there I guess failed to rock with their lace style.  Why I have to give such a statement? Alright well I will interpret the whole idea of it to you girls. When you are off to go for lace blouses or dresses or any kind of outfit which has the lace details on it, always bear in mind of inner wear.  Wear a comfortable tube inside so that the the inner straps are not shown or exposed inappropriately and believe me girls I have seen many of them and it looks so  improper for me. So to dress in a proper and disciplined way yet looks stylish, please mind these tips which might be helpful in case if you guys are wearing any transparent blouse. So that’s very important for us!  I hope you girls will take note of this! ☺

In addition, I’m wearing a denim type of jeans from the brand called “Chettah”. Most of my jeans collection are from these brand because it has that promising quality and you girls can actually use it for longer time.  It doesn’t bleach when you wash out the jeans and stays in its original color. Isn’t that cool? πŸ˜€ Always when shopping for jeans, find for a superior brand,  quality and analyse which jeans cutting suits your body shape and it depends on which style u want it girls to be too. We almost frequently use them everyday for our causal outings so my recommendations always from the brand Cheetah! πŸ™‚

Just like adding sugar to a coffee, acccesories also needed for an extra toppings on these outfits. I’m wearing a gold bangle earring with a small pearl hanging over it to give a pop up look entirely. 

Any maroon outifits goes perfectly well with gold colored accessories.  There is no doubt on it. Both of these are complement to each other and enhance and bringing  out the  beauty of the maroon color. πŸ˜‰πŸŒ·

For the hairstyle, I actually made low bun style which I think suits for this outfit. It actually highlights and give more focus on the lace details on the blouse when the hair is tied up to a nice bun and the earrings are pretty visible there. So that’s the reason I made such a random hairstyle. It’s pretty quick, you girls can make in just 2minutes only! ☺ So take note girls, hairstyles also play a major role on outfits and the style that we want to. 

This look is suitable for night outings especially for a movie or shopping or a for a dinner. For an addition I have applied my favourite red lipstick here which has given a more that attractive and stunning look. If you girls doesn’t love make up then it’s not a problem but always apply just a bold coloured lipstickπŸ’„ because it will just enhance your entire outfit especially if you girls are wearing like those maroon or red coloured outfits as in the pics as to avoid that pale or dull face. 

That’s the end of blog story for today. Hope u girls have gained and learnt something related to the ootd of today. Yayy! Don’t forget lace! Laces all you need in wardrobe. #lacesforlife. Haha πŸ˜€πŸ˜€. 

Stay fresh and young and play around with your outfits in your wardrobe girls but always take note and always follow the fashion and latest style tips from ClassyStyler! Signing off for now! β˜ΊπŸ’•#fashionforlife#fashionhacks#ootdshare